One style of knife I like to make is the “Brute de Forge”, (above) a French term that means ‘rough and unfinished’.  I leave some of the rough forging marks on the top part of the blade to add character to my blade. 

I hand forge my blades out of high carbon steel.  The handle material I use varies from micarta (used on WWII electronics boards) to elk, deer and moose horn, fossil ivory, leather, exotic woods, brass, copper, silver. 

I make my sheaths out of select oak tanned cowhide.”

As an antique dealer for four decades, I specialized in what I call “Boy’s Toys”...

old guns, tools, fishing gear, military stuff etc., and of course, old knives.

I fell in love with the old knives and knife makers of San Francisco and the Old West.  You will find some of these designers incorporated in my own designs.

I sometimes forge a blade out of an old discarded file or chisel which has out lived its original use.  It pleases me to give new life to a once noble tool.

Kitchen Carving knife - wallhanging

I take pride in the sole authorship of my blades.  Hand forging, heat treating, tempering, fit and finish of handle & guard and making my own leather sheaths.

I make knives for hunting, skinning, camping & culinary use.  Smaller blades for small game, fish, and everyday carry!  I make fighting knives on request. 

Let me know if I can make a knife for you or a friend by contacting me at, or just click on the email  tab below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jay “Bear” Gordin

Knife maker  Jay Gordin lives in Grass Valley  in Northern California. 

“My goal as a knifemaker is to create a cutting tool that is as artful as it is functional.  The knife has to feel good in your hand.....ergonomics and balance are important.  It has to please the owner in shape, form, fit and finish.”

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A unique knife that is a very popular gift item is the railroad spike knife.  It is compact, strong, holds a great edge and  affordable at only $150  including the handmade leather sheath.

Paintings by my LOVELY wife

Katie Wolff  (also known as “the hired help”)